The veil and the mistery of the feminine

Anthropology, said Levy Strauss, is the science of fragments.

Born as the “colonial” science “par excellence” from the diaries of the first explorers, traders, missionaries, at their encounter with different cultures, anthropology – unlike sociology, philosophy, history, the so-called “big social sciences” aiming to draw universal laws starting from a self-centred vision of the social phenomena – collects small details, minimal descriptions of the daily life of people, colourful fragments that, however, often prove to be dystonic to the whole picture, hence enlarging our cultural frame. Leggi tutto “The veil and the mistery of the feminine”

One year at Dubai

I arrived in Dubai at the beginning of November 2015.
November is a nice season there, the weather is mild, the sun is always shining though not so hot like in summer, and people stroll around, day and night, along the Marinas, the artificial canals plenty of nice places for eating, drinking teas and smoking “shishas”, according to the Arab tradition, while luxurious boats and traditional dhows cruise the bank from one side to the other. Leggi tutto “One year at Dubai”

Utopian and dystopian worlds

At the beginning of 2015 my husband was offered a new job as HR Vice-President of the EEMA region (Eastern Europe and Middle Africa) and we were asked to move from Zurich to Dubai.
It was not the first time we moved to a foreign country – actually we always had a kind of “nomadic” life, living in five different countries in the last 15 years -; but when I was asked to move to Dubai I felt a profound sense of disconcert and despair.
I never thought to Dubai as a real country. Leggi tutto “Utopian and dystopian worlds”

Mondi utopici e mondi distopici

All’inizio del 2015 vivevo a Zurigo da circa tre anni e avevo da poco iniziato un percorso di specializzazione in Psicologia Analitica allo Jung Institute di Zurigo,  un cambiamento  professionale per me importante che avevo meditato a lungo, quando la multinazionale per cui mio marito lavorava da anni gli offrì una nuova posizione di Vice President Risorse Umane per la regione EEMEA, acronimo di Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. Il lavoro era interessante, si trattava di coordinare una vasta area che comprendeva paesi complessi e molto diversi tra loro, dalla Russia alla Turchia al Sudafrica passando per tutto il Medio Oriente; mio marito era quindi molto intrigato dall’offerta, nonostante le incertezze  che comportava. Leggi tutto “Mondi utopici e mondi distopici”