What are the “moments of passage”?
The Flying Carpet Studio supports people who live transitional stages in life.
Life is made of many different phases: we grow up from childhood to adulthood to the old age; we fell in love, get married and separate, we go through births and deaths of beloved ones; we move, change jobs and countries, meet some new people and leave some others behind.
Unlike in the past, all these stages of life are today mostly experienced in solitude, often perceived as existential crisis bringing anxiety and uncertainty about the future, questioning ones identity, requiring a radical change of attitudes and behaviors.

We believe, however, that the “moments of passage” are precious occasions for a better understanding of the changes in and around us, that can lead to new surprising discoveries increasing the self-awareness of our inner potentialities.


Is your life taking an unexpected tournament?

Do you feel dissatisfied by your job and relations, deprived of drives, will and desires? 

Do you feel stressed, anxious, moody, vulnerable? Uncertain about your potential, goals and motivations?

Do you question yourself, your gender and your identity? 


Do you see yourself as a “nomad of the XXI Century”, a citizen of the world driven by discoveries, adventure, new frontiers? Do you feel, however, that the encounter with different cultures and habits challenge your usual schemes of thoughts and living?

Do you work in a company in a volatile environment, continous changes challenging your skills, feeling like a captain who is looking for stimuli, guidance and support in order to learn “how to sail in stormy waters”?

Are you a “reflective citizen”, driven by engagement in sharing a cause, willing to contribute to the common good, looking for new values and new perspectives?

There are moments in life when too many uncertainties make us feel as if we were “lost in the wood”, with no clue about what to do. If you are you looking for new stimuli, creative insights, a new beginning, those transitional stages can be good occasions to start a journey of self-discovery, grounded on the resources of your unknown inner potential.
Working together in an analytical setting we will use expressive techniques like Dream Analysis, Active Imagination and Sandplay Therapy, giving space to a journey of discovery as well as recovery informed by your emotions, dreams, anxieties as part of experiencing and learning from new life circumstances.

Our programs for groups and organizations support self-development combining sessions of Psychoanalytical Counseling, Creative Labs of self-expression (photography, city explorations, readings, narratives, drawings), Social Dreaming and Listening Post journeys, in order to challenge the habitual schemes of though, modify life strategies, cope with new situation at work and life