Programs of self-expression for individuals and groups, to guide people through a process of transformation activating their individual and collective resources. All our programs are offered in English, Italian, Spanish and French.


Is your life taking an unexpected tournament? Are you looking for new stimuli, creative insights, a new beginning? Do you feel dissatisfied with your job/relations, deprived of drives, will and desires? Do you feel stressed, anxious, moody, vulnerable? Uncertain about your potential, goals and motivations?Do you question yourself, your gender and identity? There are moments in life when too many uncertainties make us feel as if we were “lost in the wood”, with no clue about what to do. Those transitional stages are often perceived as existential crisis, bringing anxiety and uncertainty about the future; but they can also be good occasions to start a journey of self-discovery of our inner potential.

Working together in an analytical setting we will use expressive techniques like biographical narratives, drawings, fairytales, sandplay, giving space to a journey of discovery as well as recovery informed by your emotions, dreams, anxieties as part of experiencing and learning from new life circumstances.

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Have you often moved abroad because of your job, family, studies? Do you work in a multinational corporation, an international school, an independent creative profession?Do you see yourself as a “citizen of the world”, cosmopolitan, with a transcultural identity?  Living in different countries challenges roots and sense of belonging, strengthening talents, enhancing flexibility and making one feel like a “nomad of the 21st century”. However, the continuous changes and the encounter with different cultures require to constantly revise life projects, which is a source of deep anxiety and uncertainty. In transitional phases of life you may feel the need to explore the “unknown other” inside and outside yourself, like in the beautiful story of the Argonauts.

The Myth: one of the most fascinating myths of the antiquity, the expedition of the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece celebrates the deeds of the most extraordinary talents of the ancient Greece – Heracles the invincible hero, Orpheus the enchanting cantor, the Dioscuri twins Castor and Pollux, and many others -. What had the 50 heroes to prove when they sailed with the Argo ship towards the Colchis, a faraway country at the edge of the world, following Jason, a reckless young man without a kingdom, whose only merit was owning a beautiful boat and having a destiny? All of them were already famous; many of them had a kingdom, a family, many certainties; some of them did not return. But all of them were driven by the same need for the enterprise, challenged by the desire to start a journey more than achieving results.

The programs of the Argonauts of Beyond support the development of a transcultural identity combining sessions of Analytical Counseling with creative labs of self-expression (photography, city explorations, readings, narratives, drawings), challenging the habitual schemes of though and modifying life strategies to cope with the new situation.


Do you believe in the creative power of dreams?Do you look at dreams as powerful resources to change our perspectives on reality? Do you think the traumatic event of the Covid-19 global pandemia started an irreversible crisis of our society?  Do you believe we lost the collective values and common bonds that were keeping us together?
The program of the Dream Journeys builds on the power of dreams to overcome the collective trauma as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemia.
“Sharing dreams at the time of Covid-19” was in 2020 a response to the bewilderment of the first lockdown; an adventurous journey counterpointing with dreams, stories and feelings the increasingly problematic reality of the daytime, nurturing the desire for a different kind of sociability, different forms of intimacy.

The next Dream Journey will start soon, to explore “the many requests for hope and renewal” that today, at the dawn of the New Year 2022, come from all over the world. Be ready to join!!



  • How do we contain anxieties in times of uncertainty?
  • How do we support each other?
  • How do we prepare ourselves, restore our capacity of thinking?

In the last two years the dramatic global impact of the pandemic led people living and working in organizations, companies, communities to question themselves and the fragile balance of our global society.
To become more aware of our responsibilities for a sustainable world, to repair our fractured connections with nature and the environment, we need to re-imagine our future together, listening to ones others and adopting a multipolar regard.

The Golden Glue Labs delve on these issues, inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Kintsugi. Tailor-made projects for organizations and communities, to mend the broken relationships with the social environment, developing new points of view to sustain organizational change.