May 5st 2020: the end of the lockdown

“Flying high in the sky, with open hands, in the midst of floating colored scarves…”

“The beak of a duck of an intense beautiful yellow emerges from a den on the shore of a pond.”

“Walking barefoot in a lake of jelly-like fluid, green candy-colored water, warm, beautiful, a pleasurable feeling…”

“Growing a fragrant rose on the balcony of my house and falling in despair when I find someone has stolen it.”

“Staring in amazement the view of the lake from the window of my house terrace.”

“I caress the soft mantle of a lamb sitting on a green lawn when I realize, opening a zip, a skeleton under the mantle.”

“I walk in a blue lagoon, the knee-deep water is wonderfully clear and crys-talline, suddenly a huge wave raises and takes me to the bottom of the sea, I’m not scared though, I realize I can swim and breathe underwater like a fish, around me there are many colorful fishes.”

“I run along the riverbed of the Serio river as I use to do, the day is foggy, silence around, then blocks of black parallelepipeds start to fall from above, a gigantic typhoon sweeps away the landscape, a large tower crashes, I see boys falling to the ground, four of them fall at my feet, the typhoon has red eyes resembles to a big squid.”

“A black moon eclipse, I can see the shadow of the earth covering the moon.” “I’m flying, opening and closing arms to go up to the sky like swimming…”

“A dream of flying and swinging, I meet a beautiful, young, colored-dressed, pregnant girl looking full of life, I am fascinated by her but she ignores me.” “We are watching a video about the quarantine in a movie set, waiting for the director Maresco to come, an album of old photos goes around, we look the photos but the director doesn’t show up, his chair stays empty.”

“Rearranging cooking recipes in the drawers, the images are clear as in a movie, I feel the need for a method to fix things up.”

“I’m in a warehouse, underground, its walls shrink but I manage to get out, outside there is a car with two mafia bosses inside, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci, I think they want to kill me and I punch them in the face, they fall down and then get up, they tell me I’m a good brave guy.”

“I enter the Dusseldorf’s Mathematics University that looks like Hogwarts, the sky is dark, I’m in the dormitories, I see many children around, the edu-cators invite me to a party, I enter a circus tent, inside I see a woman, two students and a 8 years-old boy, I sit on a sauna-like bench when some air comes out from small holes, I realize I’m breathing a hallucinatory drug, I may become addicted and I panic, then I realize the circus hides the abuse of children…”

“I am in a beauty shop, the saleswoman is pregnant and I’m struck by her gaze, she has one blue open eye but the other is sewn, she holds a maga-zine and she shows me an article about her daughter, she is famous.”

The dreams of the fourth Social Dreaming Matrix the 5th of May 2020, a date that marked the end of the lockdown, speak of the rediscovery of sen-soriality through all the senses, from sight to touch, from taste to smell; viv-id, strong, vital sensations that seem to promise rebirth and renewal. Through the senses, nature loses the disturbing threatening aspects that had so much space in the previous matrices at the beginning of the journey, and becomes a source of well-being and joy, a source of life. In dreams we feel the pleasure of rediscovering a wonderful, vital, helpful nature that teaches us to inhabit new worlds, we can fly and breath underwater like fishes.

The dreams follow one to another like the images of a movie, populated by movie-star like Madonna, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and have literary references to Harry Potter, the towers of Hogwarts, the Little Prince and his rose.

As if in an upside-down mirror, the rediscovery of the senses reminds to the search for meaning, hiding the need of a method, an organizing principle; this reversal of meanings, someone in the group pointed out, shows that the unconscious is having a lot of fun “muddying the waters”.

The enhancement of the sensory experience brings us in an augmented, in-toxicating hyperreality; to let us go entering the collective flow is risky though, the alteration of the senses could bring to a new beginning, but could hide horrible dangers as well, the abuse of children is evoked in a dream.

Hyperreality and hallucination are two opposite poles, constantly crossing like in movies and fairytales, transforming a school into a dangerous, threatening circus.

Dreams evoke beautiful images of pregnant women shining with life; a pow-erful image of the feminine reminding to the magic, the invisible and the transcendent. However, the hope for a brighter future is blocked by the ex-pectation for a movie director who doesn’t arrive, symbolized by a sewn eye that cannot see, blinded by a vigilant conscience unable to let go, wild like a hungry hyena.

Dionysus and Apollo, the two protector gods of bewilderment and rational control, once again challenge each other; in the harsh battle for a life to be reinvented the Dionysian intoxication of the senses clashes with the rational consciousness of the Apollonian vision. Feminine and masculine, sentiment and reason, visible and invisible, are a threshold difficult to cross. The union of the opposites is out of hands, the newborn babies evoke hope but end up being an illusion, and the long-awaited pregnancies reveal to be hysterical pregnancies.