Individual and collective development paths to face "moments of passage" in life.


We live in difficult times, in which the anxieties and fears unleashed in the last two years by the pandemic are amplified by the spectre of a global war.  

Nowadays is no longer possible to imagine a future without questioning ourselves and the fragile balance on which global society rests. To re-imagine a future together it is essential to be listening to others, gaining an open perspective towards the world, the comparison and the differences, putting into play the change that is taking place inside and outside of us. 

The Flying Carpet Studio starts from these awarenesses, doubts, questions, and from the experiences of “dream work” made in the last two years.


At the beginning of 2020 the pandemic was the spring that pushed us to look for a new way to face the difficult “transition phases” of life, and dreams have “enlightened” us along the way. Today, the new paths of change processing and personal development that we propose are aimed at all those who are experiencing a “transitional phase” of life, often perceived as an existential crisis that involves anxiety and uncertainty towards the future, questions their identity and requires a radical change in attitudes, behaviors,  ways of being and thinking. 

We believe that the “moments of passage” can be an opportunity to better understand the changes that take place in and around us, and an opportunity to increase awareness of our inner potential that can lead to new surprising discoveries.


If you believe in the creative power of dreams, think that dreams can be a resource to change our point of view on reality in such a dramatic turning point, wonder if we have lost the bonds and collective values that held us together, then you may be interested in this path. 

The Dreams Journey” is a proposal that comes from our experience of Social Dreaming during the pandemic and aims to combine the evocative power of dreams with the need to find new points of reference, new maps to be able to move more easily in the new territory that is emerging. The program can be seen as a safe space to overcome collective trauma, or, more simply, as a tool to deepen together with other travel companions the need to understand where we are going thanks to dreams, hooking the introspective capacity to a collective feeling and nourishing the desire for a different way of sociality,  different forms of intimacy.


The “XXI century nomads” grew up in a global world, in which travel and movement from one country to another were a gateway to the dimensions of the possible, they put planning and talent into play together with a feeling of being “citizens of the world”. Today we are forced to redefine our relationship with space and the ability to move, we are stimulated by new scenarios that allow us to glimpse other territories and unknown worlds to explore.
However, the meeting of different cultures and worlds can be very problematic, it challenges our abilities and self-confidence, it requires a constant review of one’s life project that is often a source of anxiety, uncertainty about the future, discomfort, confusion. In these transitional phases, as in the beautiful story of the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece, you may feel the need to explore creative solutions and development of your life project, find new ways, challenge the limits, reveal the hidden potential. 
The Argonauts 5.0 program support the self-development by combining Analytical Counseling sessions with creative workshops of self-expression (photography, urban exploration, readings, narratives, drawings), challenging habitual thought patterns and modifying life strategies to cope with new situations. 

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