Prometheus the Titan, the myth tells, stole the fire to the gods to give it to the humans; his silly brother Epimetheus gave them hope.
Through the fire humans started their conquest of the world and the domi-nation over nature; through hope, the last quality left in the Pandora’s box, they knew they had a destiny to share with other humans.

What do we need mostly today, fire or hope?
Will we be able, in the years to come, to put aside our Promethean spirit to move towards Epimetheian qualities?

These questions were discussed on Thursday 16 January 2020 in the Lis-tening Post session Ariele – The Italian Association of Psychosocioanalysis conducts at the beginning of the year as part of the OPUS’ – Organization for Promoting the Understanding of Society – Listening Post International Project.

Since 2012 Ariele takes part to the Listening Post International network to observe and understand change in different organizational contexts. Listening Post is based on the assumption that the social dynamics in pro-gress in a social context can be explored in a group of “reflective citizens” as representative of an enlarged system.
We live years of ongoing changes, volatile organizational structures, uncer-tain results; these new conditions activate hopes, strengths and energy, though raising at the same time anxieties and fears.
A rational and emotional reflective capacity is essential to question our role and actions in the world, because to imagine a better future “head and heart” should walk together. Developing a “binocular sight” of society, both “reflective” (an inner sight) and “satellite” ( a global vision), sharing common meanings, personal experiences and social imagery is therefore a prior strategic need today fora better understanding of the world we live in.