Perhaps we should grant human nature an instinctive desire to move, an impulse to movement in the broadest sense. The very act of traveling helps to create a feeling of physical and mental well-being, while the monotony of prolonged stasis and steady work weaves patterns in the brain that gener-ate prostration and a sense of personal inadequacy. ” (Bruce Chatwin, What am I doing here?)
Today, in a time of migrations, traveling, anxieties and uncertainties, thou-sands of men and women are crossing seas and deserts facing immense obstacles and dangers, asking themselves this same question every day, “what am I doing here?”.

I always looked at space and movement as vital dimensions capable of gi-ving new meanings and a new rhythm to life. Every movement, every move, every change may require efforts, but is also a way to challenge oneself, to get to know the true value of difference, to discover new worlds. Movement is a breath of fresh air, opens new hori-zons, avoids the Bruce Chatwin’s “cobwebs in the brain” of the sedentary life.

But traveling with imagination is also possible, and is sometimes the best way of discovering the hidden worlds outside and inside us.
The Flying Carpet has in 2019 a full calendar of “voyages of discovery”:
– January 18, 2019: Listening and understanding change: snapshot of Italy at the dawn of 2019. Discussion group on change today in Italy and the world, in Ariele, via Conservatorio 22, Milan;
– February 22, 2019: Workshop on dreams. First meeting of a cycle of three explorations on dreams and travel;
– “Learning to fly, follow your dreams”: short courses of Analytical Counsel-ing: in the period January / June 2019, offer of a package of 4 sessions of Analytical Counseling to be programmed within a month at the special price of € 100, to get started to set up a journey of discovery of them-selves and their potential, expectations, motivations (