Who I am

Elisabetta Pasini
In my professional experience I have always been concerned by the development of individuals, groups and organisations. My passion is driving people through those “moments of passage” we often experience in life, when looking into yourself can lead to the discovery of hidden potentialities and bring a tournament in life.

At the beginning of my career I worked for several years as a corporate Human Resources Manager and as a consultant in Future Concept Lab, an international laboratory on Market Trends and Innovation. From these experiences I learned how much our emotions, expectations, fears and vulnerabilities influence our working relationships. Later, through my involvement with Ariele (The Italian Association of Psychosocioanalysis) and OPUS (Organization for Promoting the Understanding of Society), I came to understand more fully the psychodynamic complexity of human relations in the context of groups, teams and organisations.

Psychoanalyst at the C.G Jung Institute in Zurich for Analytical Psychology, of particular interest to me is the extent to which our individual growth and development is influenced by the ‘unknown other’ – both the ‘unknown’ parts of ourselves, as well as the encounter with people from different backgrounds and cultures. In either case, the challenge is to be open to new and surprising perspectives that can shift our understanding  of ourselves and our context.

I have my private practice in Milan and I work as PDE (Personal Development Elective) Analyst in the MBA international program of the IMD Business School, Lausanne, CH.

Since 2018 I work with NAGA ONLUS, a NGO association in Milan which provides social, health and legal assistance to refugees and asylum seekers.

My approach to Analysis and Self-Experience

“The most precious gift strangers can bring is their difference; and if you focus on the divergent and the dissimilar, you may have, you too, illuminations…” (Fatema Mernissi, Moroccan writer and sociologist)

Over the last 15 years, I have lived in five different countries (London UK, Chicago US, Zurich CH, Dubai UAE, Milan IT). Moving to a new country and working with multicultural and multilingual teams is becoming increasingly common nowadays for many people. In doing so, we can be confronted with the need to review and revise our ‘normal’ behaviors, habits and ways of thinking. Doing so is not always easy, but can lead to the discovery of new energies, meanings and motivations; if you leave these differences “enlighten you”, they can lead you to new awareness of your potential. Working together, we will give space to this – a journey of self-discovery informed by your emotions, dreams and anxieties, that are all part of experiencing and learning from new life circumstances.

My project aims to connect the creative and imaginative potential of dreams with the anthropological perspective of the encounter between cultures, using  expressive methodologies like Social Dreaming, Active Imagination, Listening Post in order to support the development of an individuation process.

My background

My books

My articles

  • Cinderella vs Sherazade: the Symbolic Meaning of the Veil in the Islamic Culture: Comparison of the Female Imago in the East and the West, paper at the Opus International Conference, London, 18/19 November 2016, (tbp)
  • El Futuro del Trabajo 2015
  • The Three Paradoxes of the Leaderless Organization, in Organisational and Social Dynamics, vol. 15-1, Karnac Books, London, 2015
  • Charisma as Liminal Space: New Perspectives for the Charismatic Phenomenon in the Digital Era, paper at the Opus International Conference, London, 21/22 November 2014
  • Conversations about Charisma: Andrea Branzi and Bruce Mau, in Experimenta, July 2008
  • Camper: from an Ethic of Process to an Ethic of Concept, in Experimenta, October 2005
  • Charisma as Liminal Space: the South African case of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), essay on Social Anthropology, London School of Economics, 2004