How I work

I offer to individuals and groups sessions of Analysis and Self Experience based on the approach of the Analytical Psychology of C.G. Jung

Working together, we will use expressive tools like creative writing, biographical stories, drawings, dreams amplification, sandplay, inspired by the technique of Active Imagination developed by Jung to support an individual process of self-awareness and development of ones creative potential.

The Groups Experiences are based on active methodologies like Social Dreaming, Dreamworking, Listening Post. Working together in creative multicultural groups, all along the journey we will  bring to life new ideas, develop new perspectives for an effective intervention in society, share common values to ground new projects.

What is Active Imagination: is a way to consciously access the creative potential of the unconscious materials through images, dreams, narratives, concentration, meditation.

What is Social Dreaming: developed by the British psychoanalyst Gordon Lawrence, Social Dreaming is a way of working with dreams where the focus is on the dream and not the dreamer. The Social Dreaming Matrix, that can be accessed online and in presence, is a space  to share and explore dreams through an associative process that allows the open, non-judgmental expression of thoughts, in which participants are enabled to foster free-thinking and co-create new meanings.

What is Listening Post: developed by OPUS and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relation in London, the Listening Post is a group technique based on the idea of “reflective citizenship” that allows the exploration, understanding and further development of the signals of change in a society in a specific moment of time.