What I do

The Flying Carpet offers sessions of Analytic Counselling to help people experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, dissatisfaction, disease to undertake a process of self-awareness of ones inner potentialities, expectations, motivations, desires. The desire to wonder about changing ones attitudes and behaviours starts today, more often than in the past, in those so-called “moments of passage”, transitions towards new stages of life when we feel the urge to question ourselves about our present, past and future.

Who am I, what do I want?
Where do I really want to go, what am I good at ?
Answering to these apparently simple questions is always difficult and requires a strong determination, the courage to look into themselves and the willingness to challenge ones dark sides.

The moments of passage start from an existential crisis but can lead to new discoveries, transforming discomfort, dissatisfaction, anxiety, loss of identity in the starting points of a journey for:

    • exploring ones personal and professional expectations with new eyes
    • planning further steps of ones personal development
    • discovering new energies, meanings and motivations