How I work

Working together in the setting of the Analytic Counselling we aim to support an individual process of self awareness through the discovery of ones creative potential. We will therefore use expressive tools like creative writing, biographical stories, drawings, dreams amplification, inspired to the technique of Active Imagination developed by the Analytical Psychology of C.G. Jung, in order to facilitate a process of introspection and self-discovery.

As a starting point of the journey I offer a 45′ explorative encounter to:

    • share needs, expectations, motivations
    • focus on the main goals of the analytical process
    • establish an orientative time for the self-experience

I offer to teams, working groups, companies, organisations, associations, Groups Experiences focused on active methodologies like Social Dreaming, Dreamworking, Listening Post, all of them aiming to stimulate the development of new ideas in a group, to bring to light new meanings within the common ground of reference, to give space to the sharing of common experiences, to open up new perspectives for an effective intervention in the social context.