Am I a “Dreamer”?
Am I looking for new meanings, different perspectives, fresh stimuli? Am I willing to build up better relationships with my team, group, organisation?

Individuals, groups and organizations often experience change as a crucial frightening tournament in their life. Face to the uncertainties of an unpredictable future we often feel we are lost in a “no man’s land, with no clue about what to do to sort out with a solution.  Sharing our dreams, nightmares and fantasies in groups, however, can change our perspective about reality.

Discovering Group Potential (DGP ) is a group program aimed to strengthen new bonds between the members in a group, bringing to life new common visions by. Through the techniques of Social Dreaming and Listening Post we will use the imaginative potential of dreams, metaphors and stories to:

    • explore differences and connections among the members of the group
    • give space to different solutions in order to improve a common action
    • develop new meanings in order to bring to life different visions