Am I a Traveller?

Unexpected changes in many different moments of life are often disconcerting, forcing us to challenges we are not ready to face; but they can be also the occasion to pursue a freer more creative expression of ourselves, in new environments where we are confronted with different people and cultures. A cosmopolitan generation of people is growing, the so-called New Nomads, who look at their work as a fundamental resource to make their inner dreams come true.

The “new nomads” of the 21st century see themselves as citizens of the world, their traveling grounding the base of a flexible, fluid, transcultural identity. However, the continuous change and the encounter with different cultures, habits and behaviors require to constantly revise ones life project and motivations, which can be a source of deep anxiety and of uncertainty towards the future.

Growing Through Changes aims to transform the encounter with the “unknown other” in an opportunity for:

    • challenging our habitual schemes of thought
    • modifying our life strategies in order to cope with the new situation
    • bringing to life new motivations and a new sense of belonging.