Am I a Traveller?

One of the most impressive changes that affects today the life of many is the pursuit of the free creative expression of the self, in relation to others and the content of our jobs.

Many of us are already living it: they are the so-called New Nomads, a cosmopolitan generation of people who look at their work as a fundamental resource to make their inner dreams real.

The “new nomads” of the 21st century travel a lot and see themselves as citizens of the world. However, continuous change and the encounter with different cultures, habits and behavior require to constantly revise our life project, self-perception and motivations, which can be a source of deep anxiety and of uncertainty towards the future.

Growing Through Changes aims to transform the encounter with the “unknown other” in an opportunity for:

    • challenging our habitual schemes of thought
    • modifying our life strategies in order to cope with the new situation
    • bringing to life new motivations and a new sense of belonging.