Individuation in the 21st Century – Creative Seekers, Travellers, Dreamers
Personal and professional uncertainty, unstable bonds within the family and the couple, high mobility, insecurity, are nowadays widely spread phenomena that affect the life of many and have a great impact on the way we look at our present and our future.

More often than in the past we are asked, in many phases of our lives, to revise our behaviors, habits and schemes of thoughts in order to cope with change, which is often a source of crisis and personal distress.

Is exactly in those moments, however, that we should try to look into ourselves; if we do, we could hopefully find unexpected resources, like that last bottle of fresh water we had forgotten in our “internal fridge”, which is the tool we need to transform distress and uncertainties in occasion for:

    • re-inventing our personal and professional lives
    • becoming more aware of our freedom, autonomy, creativity, motivations
    • opening up to the encounter with the “unknown other”, both the unknown parts of ourselves and the encounter with other people from different backgrounds and cultures